Friday, January 29, 2016

Platform consideration for next major OpendTect version

Though we have just released OpendTect v6 and OpendTect Pro, we are already looking ahead for the next version of OpendTect. Already now, we have made platform decisions, so we can start develop under the platforms we are going to use.

Our next major release will (unless otherwise is communicated later) be based on:

  • Linux: Built on Centos 6 (Redhat 6.0), 64 bit only.
  • Windows: Visual Studio 2013, 64 bits for sure, but 32 bits may be dropped depending on installation base. Currently windows 32 has about 10% of all installations.
  • MacOSX: Built on MacOSX 10.8.
With regards to dependent libraries, we will be on Qt5 of some version. We are now using Qt 5.5.1 internally, but if there are stable releases closer to the actual release, we may go for a later version. OpenSceneGraph will be used at the latest, stable release when we come close to our release. Currently, we use OpenSceneGraph version 3.4.